Chapter One: The Princess Falls




For Lily Litharine the next few days went by in a blur. Her mornings were spent in the library, in which she researched. She had found a website which provided her with everything she needed. That included a starting kit for miming. Of course, in her excitement, she bought it.

After buying a membership at the gym, her evenings were spent exercising.

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Small Update

To everyone reading this story, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten out the next chapter! I know I said that I will try and post at least once a week, but unfortunately (and typically for me) life has gotten in the way. I have the next chapter all written up and ready to edit. I also need to get all the screenshots ready. It’s just a matter of finding time at the moment. ><

Ether way, this was just to let you all know that I hoping to have it out in the next couple of days, and that I have not abandoned this legacy. =p

All I can say is – damn work!


Welcome to the Litharine legacy!

I’ll start out by saying that this will be a generally laid back legacy story. It is my first proper story, and I have a lot to learn about writing these things. I’ll be taking the pictures and then I’ll form the plot and write about what happens depending on what happens in game. Of course, there will be a general plot with each generation, but until I get better at taking screenshots and getting a general feel for how to do these things, I’ll be doing it this way. Don’t fret though, I will try and make it as interesting as I possibly can!

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